10 Things Moving Down the Coast Taught Me About Life

So a crazy thing… this week is the one-year mark of the day I packed up my suitcase, took an insanely early flight and started my SF blog 2adventure in the beautiful city of San Francisco. It marks the beginning of a journey where my husband (then fiancé) and I packed up our life and moved down the coast.

I’m very nostalgic about the date because the decision to move was such a difficult choice for me. Now, in hindsight, it’s something I’m so glad I did, but at the time it wasn’t an easy decision. Looking back over the past year, a few things stand out to me in particular that I’ve learned since moving.

  1. Now, I’m so much more comfortable with change. I’ve always had a complicated relationship with change, one that goes through its ups and downs, but I’ve learned how to appreciate the good it can bring.
  2. I’m obsessed with creating a lifestyle that is authentic and amazing to ME. Not one that looks good to other people, or one that checks a bunch of boxes. It’s amazing to live in a city with a diverse set of people who are all working towards such different dreams.
  3. I love being able to walk everywhere. Living in this city helped me reconnect with my SF Bloglove of exploring, and with how amazing it is to just go on a long walk to clear my head or brainstorm creative ideas.
  4. I always want to live near a yoga studio. I’ve decided it’s non-negotiable to be able walk to a yoga studio and a coffee shop. Not only does that encourage healthy habits, but it also provides a sense of community wherever I live.
  5. Living near nature is also essential. So much happiness comes from going on hikes, spending the day in the park, going to the ocean. I think nature helps us reconnect with ourselves, and it’s something I immerse myself in pretty much every day.
  6. I’m managing my anxiety SO much better. Moving gave me the opportunity to re-create some important aspects of my life, and ingrain healthy habits into my every day life. I can still get extremely anxious, but I now feel much more confident about the tools I have to help manage it.
  7. Meeting new people is now a passion of mine instead of a fear. I can be an extremely shy person, but once you get to know me I pretty much don’t stop talking. Getting the courage up to meet new people on a regular basis took a lot of growth forSF Blog 3 me.
  8. To build on the comment above, I learned that new experiences help build your confidence, quickly. When you try something you’ve never done you not only develop new skills, but gain confidence by knowing you’re perfectly capable of learning and growing along the way.
  9. I love helping people break out of mold they think they need to fit in (and being around unique people who have created their own path). Moving helped me break this mold.
  10. Feeling free is such an essential part of feeling happy. For me, moving helped me feel free and like I have so many amazing opportunities at my fingertips.

If you’re looking to jump into a big change, like moving states, I hope this gives you the courage to dive in. I’m so grateful for the past year, and can’t wait to see what adventures this city continues to share with us.

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