Allowing Bad Moments, Preventing Bad Days

One thing I feel strongly about is that life has bad moments, but there should be very few bad days.

It’s inevitable that we feel anger, frustration, annoyance and sadness. Life is sure to have its ups and downs. But one difficult moment shouldn’t be defining an entire day.

Mount Sutro April 2016Lately, I’ve been put to the test trying to live by this mantra. My personal life has thrown some challenging hurdles my way, and I’m finding the emotional toll exhausting by the end of the day. But even with a difficult day, or week, I try to break up the cycle of any emotion putting me in a negative state of mind.

During a frustrating or emotional moment, I’ve learned it’s so important to fully experience the emotion. I’ve stopped trying to force myself to “just get over it,” and instead give myself permission to fully feel. But then, after I start to feel a sense of calm and closure on the moment, I’ve learned it’s so important to prevent one emotion from controlling my day.

Weekends are especially important when it comes to recharging, and keeping a state of mind that’s able to stay resilient against negativity. Every weekend I try to block out time just to disconnect and recharge. I love leaving my phone at home, and going for long walks with my husband just to enjoy the incredible city we live in.Mount Sutro 2016 ME!

This week was especially challenging, which meant it was time for a hike first thing Saturday morning. There is nothing quite like the quiet and the fresh, cool ocean air, without another person in sight.

While we were hiking I realized that escaping to nature has been a habit of mine since I was a little kid. I’d run outside under the fruit trees in my backyard, or haul a chair across the lawn to the perfect quiet place to read or write. The last few years I stopped prioritizing that quiet time in my schedule, and I think it really impacted my productivity & happiness.

With this realization, I think it’s so important to understand what truly recharges us. Sometimes we do things to unwind, like having a glass of wine or watching a movie. This might be relaxing, but not necessarily recharging. For a while I thought they were the same thing, but within the last year started to clearly see that some things are to de-stress and calm down, while others wake us up and make us feel more alive. I was missing an essential part of the puzzle.

I hope thinking about the difference makes you realize a few new things to prioritize this week. Reading a really good book, getting a massage, a concert from your favorite band. Don’t forget to reconnect with the things that make life worth living.

Petite Power: Allow bad moments, avoid bad days

Allow Bad Moments, Avoid Bad Days


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    • la petite power

      So happy to hear the mantra resonates with you! It definitely sounds like a time where it might come in handy.

  1. Majean

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The world brushes aside negative emotions like that’ll make it better….but it won’t. Love that you make the distinction between what recharges you and reconnects you. Great read!

    • la petite power

      Absolutely, I think it is SO important not to brush aside negative emotions. The most powerful healing happens when we acknowledge exactly how we feel. Thanks for reading, and so glad it resonates with you!

  2. Genevieve

    Great post! I totally agree – going through the emotion and trying to resolve it instead of trying to just get over it, I think it’s really important, and it’s helped me to become more resilient as a result too 🙂 I love being outdoors when I can and escaping to nature, it really lifts my mood whenever I’m feeling low or a bit cooped up indoors. I used to live near a beautiful forest hiking trail and your photos remind me so much of it 🙂

    • la petite power

      I absolutely agree- it makes you more resilient because you’re listening and healing instead of ignoring what your mind/body needs. That sounds like an amazing place to live! So glad I can bring you back to some of those good memories.

  3. Lexi

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s one of those weeks again where I need a jumper that says “it was a bad moment, that does not mean a bad day”. people need to disconnect with this fast life and take a breath, stop, smell the roses xxx

    • la petite power

      Thanks Lexi! I hope this could serve as your reminder during your week. Disconnecting is SO important, especially now that we’re surrounded with electronics and very rarely taking the time to just listen to our own thoughts!

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