Are You Appreciating the Mountain?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after months of planning I’m off to Arizona next week! That in itself might not seem like a big deal… but this trip is particularly special.

The trip is an opportunity for me to meet so many kind, positive, excited, like-minded people who are doing big things. It’s a chance to learn, get inspired, and grow so much as a person. The trip is specifically for a two-day event, with amazing speakers from across the world who are there to lead and inspire.

The second I heard about this event there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I had to be there. I bought tickets the same month as my wedding, which was a bold move given all the expenses I had at the time.

I’ve been so excited… until this week. This week I stared to get nervous, and that frustrated me. I started to be hard on myself, criticizing the disappearance of my feelings of excitement.Mountain

Then, on a train ride home, a really important thought hit me. I might be nervous, but that’s okay. I should look at how far I’ve come.

Just over a year ago, I was the girl too nervous to go to yoga class alone. I wanted to meet new people, but even striking up a conversation at a workout was anxiety-inducing. Now, I’m about to fly to Arizona alone, and stay in a hotel room with four people I’ve never met but feel a deep connection with. I’ll be meeting a ton of new people, and I feel confident that I’ll be making new friends. And, overall, I’ve felt more excited than nervous.

Taking a step back made me feel so extremely grateful for my growth, and for the courage and self-confidence I’ve developed in the process. I share this because I think it’s all too easy to be hard on ourselves, and think we aren’t reaching our goals fast enough. Yet, when we’re climbing the mountain, we need to stop and appreciate how amazing it is that we’ve gotten this high up. I saw first-hand today that we’re capable of incredible progress in such a short time, but we need to take a second to appreciate it.

Today’s Petite Power: Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. -Maya Angelou

Climb the mountain