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Book Circle

I don’t know about you, but I think books are full of magic.

They can transport you to a new world. Help you grow in ways you’ve never imagined. Push you to a new level. Give you light bulb moments on every page. Inspire you to do great things.

I also think there is a certain type of magic that comes from reading a book on physical paper. From the beach to the woods to in bed with a cup of tea, I love holding a physical book in my hands. No digital copy can replace that.

As I’ve realized the power of books, I’ve also realized the power of sharing them. A book is worth far more traveling between hands than sitting on a bookshelf.

Want a New Book? 

So I’m starting a program. A book exchange. I want to hear the books that inspire you. That made you think differently. That helped you through a tough time. Then, I want you to share them!

HappinessI’ll be coordinating mailing these books from person to person. If you have a book to share, please email me at or leave me a comment on my Instagram page. Also, email or follow my Instagram page if you want to participate so I can be sure to let you know what’s available.

Want to Give Back? 

I’m also extremely passionate about helping homeless or low-income women have access to the books that can help get them inspired and back on their feet. If you’d like to donate books, or money to buy books, please shoot me an email.

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