Designing the Perfect Day

Last weekend I experienced the perfect day.Wanderlust Run

I think there are so many versions of the perfect day… so don’t think it trumped things like my wedding or spending time with my friends and family in Hawaii. But this was one day to add to the list.

The Wanderlust Festival made its way to San Francisco last weekend, so of course I had to be there. It combined three of my favorite things- running, yoga and meditation. Plus, I love that it’s called the mindful triathlon.Wanderlust 2

I was lucky to get my friend to commit to coming with me at the last minute. I was thinking about doing it alone, which definitely would’ve meant confronting some big fears of mine. I’ll do plenty of things alone, like go to yoga class or go to a run, but going to a busy festival by myself took the intimidation to a new level. I also knew I’d enjoy the experience more if I was with someone, so I’m super grateful she eagerly agreed to come along.

I don’t think the day could’ve been more beautiful. It was a sunny, not too warm day, with a light breeze. The run went through the trees in Golden Gate Park, so it felt like we Wanderlust Yogawere running through a forest. The yoga was in a giant, open field with thousands of people, and the meditation was accompanied by birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves with the sun shining on my face. Not to mention the pop-up shops filled with all kind of my favorite things, from Buddha pants to mala necklaces.

For me, the day served as a reminder of the level of happiness & contentment we can achieve on any given day. Filling a day with yoga, running, meditation and amazing people is something far more achievable than a weekly trip to a Hawaiian island or to explore a new country. The energy at the event was amazing and unique, and really was an example of how powerful it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Also, the day combining yoga, running and meditation proved I need to expand my vision of what I can do in a day. I usually do two of the three on any given day, but I can’t think of a single day I’d committed to all three.Wanderlust

What’s a day that stands out in your mind as a perfect day? One where a bunch of ordinary things aligned to make you love yourself and love your life? Re-create that day. Why should perfect days be a rare thing?

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