Goal Setting: How to Make Goals and Stick to Them

With the new year comes an onslaught of resolutions. Hopefully you’ve already seen my previous blog posts to get a taste for the mindset I think is essential, and why your goals shouldn’t be tied with a date.

One of my mentors (& generally an amazing human being) recently posted a video on just committing. Commit to your morning run, your evening yoga, your lunchtime meditation, your daily journaling. I loved her video, and the practices she described, so I decided to commit to committing. That either sounds insane, amazing, or obvious… or all of the above.Take the first step (goal post 3)

The thing that is so appealing about this way of thinking is it eliminates the energy of deciding, and the guilt & stress that can accompany backing out of a goal or decision.

The week I chose to try this starting out really rough, with some challenges in my personal lift that left me pretty emotional. With this hurdle I found myself slipping back into excuses. I’ll cut my run, I need to sleep. I’ll do it later. I deserve a break.

Then, mid-week, it was almost like my heart craved decisiveness. In all of the chaos it started screaming at me, saying “just do yoga. You said you would. You need your run. Make it happen.”

So I did.

Not only was I hitting my goals, but it provided a lot of mental clarity. I had no idea how much energy and stress I was wasting on deciding. Saying “I might go to yoga” and then spending the entire day worrying if I should… that can be exhausting.

Instead of opting out of my run in the park because it was raining, I went anyway. I committed. It was amazingly freeing.

Now, I will say that committing is much more difficult than I sounds. My brain kept trying to slip back into excuses or mental rescheduling. Yet, even choosing few items a week to commit to seriously simplified my life.

Petite Power meditation: “Lesson one: Ditch the dream. Be a doer, not a dreamer” Shonda Rhimes

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