How to Find Goodness in Every Day

This past month I was extremely fortunate to come across #ProjectGoodness.

For people who haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a community dedicated to noticing and adding to the goodness that surrounds us. Through this project you receive three stickers, and are given the simple task to find the goodness that surrounds you. It can be in the small parts of your daily life that give you joy, in other people, or even things you love about yourself.

Book Goodess

I’m loving this book, and the title is pretty obviously goodness as well…

I got my stickers and decided to dedicate a full week to really focusing on the goodness and documenting my experience. In the process I learned a few surprising things.

  1. As much as we’d love to believe we appreciate the small things in life, we take so much for granted. For most people, our brains aren’t trained to recognize the small things as goodness. I started carrying my stickers around on a Monday, and got through the whole day without documenting a single thing. Not one. When this realization hit me at the end of the day, I was so disappointed in myself. I work hard to keep a positive mindset, and even I didn’t step out of my daily routine enough to see the simple, wonderful things around me. This made me go into Tuesday with even more dedication and determination.
  2. Once you start appreciating the good things around you, it’s almost overwhelming how many there are. My favorite coffee mug, Gingerbread coffee. A warm, soft blanket when I’m cold. Laughing with friend over a dumb joke. Blasting my favorite song and dancing around the house. Eggnog protein shakes. Snuggles from my cats. Deep, loving kisses. So many amazing things, and even more that I couldn’t get pictures of. Then came my favorite part.Coffee Goodness
  3. Once you start noticing the goodness, you start to re-train your brain to appreciate things more often. When you notice something that makes you happy, and actively put a sticker  nearby calling out how great it is, it really helps reinforce that there are amazing gifts all around us. Also, I have to say, there is nothing better than really indulging in the moment you get your favorite coffee mug, some amazing coffee, and snuggle up in a warm blanket. It helps you see the small moments as the gifts they really are.

Yoga Goodness

Yoga in a beautiful cathedral with a light show- so lucky to have this in my life! 

Obviously I will keep looking for goodness, and if you keep an eye on my Instagram (@lapetitepower) you’ll see more pictures. If you want to get involved visit and email her for your own set of stickers!