How to Start Expanding Your Happiness

I think most people see the importance of doing the things in life that make them happy. Yet, so often something pops up and interrupts the path to happiness we might have imagined.

As you probably already know, a big passion of mine is helping people bring more happiness & joy into their lives. Something I’ve realized from the progression of my own journey is the importance of thinking beyond what makes you happy to see what makes you feel free. It requires challenging the traditional mindset that happiness is the end goal.

I believe freedom is the expansion of happiness. It’s when we let happiness grow past a certain moment or goal, and explore the greater potential in life. It’s knowing that there are amazing moments in life yet to come, and trusting that happiness can continue to surround us. It’s understanding that happiness is an infinite resource.

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Too often when we focus on what makes us happy, we limit our mindset to a point in time. How often have you thought a promotion of now job or certain purchase would make you happy, just to see the moment fade all too quickly?

When you figure out how to feel free you’re giving yourself permission to experience happiness at any time. Freedom for me could involve a long walk in the morning instead of rushing straight into a car. It’s spontaneously going to the ocean on the weekend to clear your mind. It’s going to do yoga on a lunch break because that’s what your body needs at that exact moment. Freedom is permission to prioritize happiness.

A key part of feeling free is staying in touch with yourself, and being willing to change your plans based on what you currently need. It’s listening to that little voice inside your heart that knows what you really need instead of suppressing it to do what feels responsible.

To start the process of bringing more freedom in your life, try writing down five things you want to do. Things that would warm your heart. Things that sound like an amazing treat. Then, pick one and make it happen at some point this week. No excuses! Freedom is the ability to follow your heart and your instinct at any given time. By following through with one of the things you’re wishing for, you’re opening yourself up to the continual freedom and happiness want to feel.

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