Ready to Change the World?

You might think this is an overstatement. So many times we think it takes a millionaire or a president to really make a difference. Yet, from personal experiences, I can tell you that isn’t true.

A few months ago, when I had just started a new job in a new city, my co-worker bought me a cupcake. Out of nowhere. For no reason.Cupcake

Seems pretty simple, right? Yet, I was extremely tired and stressed that day. His gesture, however small it may have seemed, almost brought me to tears. It made my day, made me feel like I mattered, and showed someone cared about me and appreciated my presence. This almost instantly turned my day around, and I consciously went on to be a much more positive and kind person to others for the rest of the afternoon.

This made me realize a few different things. 1) when you meet someone this kind, compassionate and giving, please keep them in your life. This coworker is now my good friend, and I can easily say I’ve learned so much from him and he makes me a better person.

2) Little things make a big impact, and people feed off your energy. That cupcake caused me to compliment others more, which hopefully improved another day. That could lead to more compliments, gifts, or statements as simple as “I like your shirt” or “cool bag” or “you did a great job on this”. How powerful is it that one drop of goodness can grow into such a big wave?

One of my mentors recently discussed the idea that we influence people so much more than we realize. For example, in yoga class, how many times have you seen one person lift the wrong arm in class and three other people do as well? Without any conscious thought we are making an impact, for better or worse.

I’d love to get a group of people together who all promise to randomly bring someone a balloon once a month. Or to send a nice email/text/message to someone once a week. Even if it’s not a coordinated effort, I hope people take a minute to think of how they can brighten someone’s day this week.

Just something to think about as we head into a brand new week! 

Be the change