The Hidden Shopping Gems You Need to Know About

So, I think I figured out the perfect Saturday.

Fine, I’m sure it’s different for everyone. But today not only started out with a few of my favorite things (sleeping in, kitty snuggles, brunch…) but it included some amazing surprises too!

On our way to brunch we found a pop-up market that was just being set up as we sat down to get food. Now, this might not sound like a big deal… but I love handmade & vintage things, and I fully stand behind supporting small businesses. So these pop-up markets are like hidden treasures for me.

The one we found today was the Urban Air Market (link at the bottom of the blog if you want to see more!) There were some seriously talented live musicians, a huge selection of handmade items, and really high-quality products. This one focused on crafts and physical goods vs. foods, which makes it a great place to find cute clothing, jewelry and accessories.

I really do love shopping, even though I understand it can be taxing on my time & money. So to combat the impulse to buy new things all the time, I put in place a new rule.

Only buy & keep things that excite you.

Urban Air MarketYou might say that you want everything you buy… but how many times have you thought “it’s a good deal” or “it’s practical, I need something like this.” These thoughts certainly aren’t bad, but they lead to accumulating a lot of clutter, and not the type of stuff that makes you happy.

I have loved following this rule, and I notice I buy much less. Obviously I break it for regular household goods (I don’t think I’m going to really get deep-down happy over hand soap, and yes I will buy it because it’s on sale). However, for the other things, what I do buy actually makes me happy, and when I wear it/use it/see it I notice that the feeling carries over. How great is it to get dressed every morning and always have something to put on or use that makes you happy?Urban Market Haight

This rule makes these pop-up markets even more amazing because these handmade items tend to be far more exciting than anything in a big store. My first job was selling hazelnuts at a farmers market, so I think these places tend to feel a bit like home. Even when I can’t buy anything I love walking around and meeting all the talented, kind people who make these amazing products. I promise, window shopping at these places is worth it and honestly fairly inspiring.

Needless to say, I strongly recommend you check out the Urban Air Market or another pop-up market in your area. Today’s treat was an adorable handmade bag that I cannot wait to show off! Keep an eye out for more pictures!

*Link to learn more about the market-

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