The Power of Habits: 30 Days Without Alcohol (Part 2!)


You may have seen my last post from when I was about half way through my challenge of 30 days without alcohol.

So what now?

It has been the full 30 days and honestly, it doesn’t even feel like a milestone.

Why? We all get caught in over-thinking, and trying to figure it all out. Sometimes the math doesn't add up. Sometimes the plan doesn't make sense. But when there's that pull deep inside of you, it's worth following. You might feel crazy, but you're saying yes to the true, authentic you. . . . . #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #breakfree #freedom #spiritual #mantra #lovelife #lovemore #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl

Because now it’s just normal.

All of the things I wrote about in my last post are still true, but they feel less noticeable. It’s all part of the new routine. But there is one big takeaway that I didn’t expect…

This challenge really was proof that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

After the first couple weeks of the challenge it wasn’t weird to say no to drinks at dinner or at the bar. I didn’t wish I could have a glass of wine on Friday. I had new habits, new places to be, and different things to do. It wasn’t weird, and I really enjoyed the new habits I formed.


The whole process got me thinking about the importance of dedication, and at least committing to 30 days whenever you try something new. Regardless of if it’s a new workout routine, meal planning, mediating, going to bed earlier, watching less TV… so often we want to do these things and make goals, but they’re general. We say that we’ll “try it” or can have cheat days.

Now I’m all for doing what feels good, and I love making emotion-based decisions versus locking in on a rigid plan. But if making a change in your life is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to commit and really see how it feels. And yes, that does mean you need to commit for 30 days.

Specifically, related to drinking, I’ve actually extended my challenge because my mind is so much clearer, and I’ve been way more productive and crushing my goals. It’s funny how the first week seemed so hard, and now it’s clearly what my body wants.

So I hope you’re willing to challenge yourself and really commit. Stop saying you’ll try, and start saying you WILL.

Today’s Petite Power: “Your priories aren’t what you say they are, they are revealed by how you live”

30 days without alcohol part 2 image