Thoughts on Redefining & Redirection

I had an honest, and slightly painful, conversation with my husband this week about the direction of my blog. I love writing, deeply want to help people, and feel called to write about the path to a fulfilling, amazing life. I write about this path not only because I want to help others, but because it’s a journey I’m on myself.

I’ve been writing about my experiences & tips for a while now, but recently felt like an element was missing. This pushed me into a bit of a crisis. How do I help others get to a place I’m not fully at yet? What makes my story interesting? How can I be helpful?

My husband brought up that maybe where I’m at right now is my story. Maybe the uncertainty and rawness is what would help people more.

This made me take a look at my posts and realize that while I talk about myself and my experiences, I haven’t fully introduced who I am. The extremely honest, silly, sometimes funny (maybe?), overthinking girl who sees such promise in a life filled with yoga, meditation, mantras, long walk in nature & continual adventures.


I don’t believe there are coincidences in life, and as I write this I’m using the last page in the notebook I’ve written my blog posts, thoughts and brainstorms in for the past few months. (yes, I still use pen and paper… that’s my creative process and I’m sticking to it!) I think it’s fitting, because this really is a new chapter for me.

It’s about introducing my story to my writing. Sharing the rawness. Putting it on paper and knowing it will keep me honest about where I’m at, if nothing else. It’s a bit terrifying… but a huge part of what I learn and write about is self-love. I’m learning how important it is to accept and love exactly where you’re at- with your emotions, your goals, and your strengths and weaknesses. Self-love is the solid foundation necessary to build great things.

For those of you already following along, I hope the rawness makes the things I share even more helpful and relevant. For those of you just getting to know me, this is my way of saying hi! I hope to get to know you much better.

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