What does struggle teach you? You’re closer than you think.

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, “your struggles are here to teach you.” It’s either the light at the end of the tunnel, or the most annoying phrase you’ve ever heard.War of art

That said, recently I’ve been thinking about the challenges in front of me, and really paying attention to the lessons they’re teaching me. I promise, there are so many… and one that’s really standing out right now is the fact we’re all SO much closer to some of our goals than we realize.

Again, that might sound cliché. But sometimes the lesson really is to trust the process, appreciate how strong we are and move forward.

Recently I was doing a two-day cleanse on my nutritional program. I hadn’t done a cleanse in a long time, and typically did the mini-versions instead. As I started on day one I saw why I had put it off for so long… I had brain fog. I was tired. My mind craved food like a grilled cheese or a burger, and I swear every news site had a picture of food on it.

Honestly, I almost gave up. I felt too weak. Too hungry. Too annoyed.

Luckily I was pretty determined, and every time I felt like giving up I focused on taking care of myself and creating as relaxing a day as possible. I indulged in quite few episodes of my favorite TV show. I went to bed ridiculously early.

Then, on day two it all paid off. I seriously described myself as superwoman. My mind felt clear and sharp, and it felt like I was learning and working at hyper-speed.

The mountain I had to move was literally a difference of waiting 12 hours. But it was huge.


Deep down I knew I needed to cleanse to remove some toxins that were giving me stomach pains and making my head feel groggy and uninspired. Yet, it’s amazing how many mental blocks were in the way of even such a simple thing.

Are you almost there with your goals? I’ve always said that mindset is everything, but when you really take a look at how small the changes are between where you are and what you want, it really proves that you mind holds all the power.

Today’s Petite Power: Let your mistakes teach you, but never let defeat beat you

You're close to your goals!