Why Does Success Mean Stress?

In life it seems we’ve been taught that success and happiness need to be hard. That struggle is the key to accomplishment.

This mentality has a huge impact on the world around us. You see stressed out students. Overworked corporate ladder climbers. Anxiety-ridden artists.

It’s as if the struggle validates the fact we’re working hard. We treat streIMG_5819ss as a badge of honor to prove we deserve what we have.

When in the process of growing up did we forget that life is supposed
to be fun? That even though we have to do our chores, it’s followed by that coveted hour of running around outside with our friends?

For me it has taken years of stress and anxiety to realize what I was missing in my life. It took some extreme reorganization, and making some big changes to get outside my comfort zone and out of a rut.

Finding and focusing on a few key activities including running, yoga, writing and hikinHappinessg was key. It sounds simple, yet in the wake of trying so hard to succeed I never really thought about what I actually liked doing. These pockets of joy were tossed aside for longer work hours or time spent recovering from work.

Please don’t forget what life is supposed to be about. Please don’t forget the joy. Build in time for it, and don’t worry about the big picture. Just take the small step forward by doing what you like, and the rest will come.

What are some of your favorite things? Finding happiness in the small things is going to be an upcoming theme for me- keep an eye out for more posts!