Why Me, Why Here?

Today I had a realization that felt like a breath of fresh air.

I’ve always loved listening to songs about being free. Maybe it’s just where I am in life right now, but I love hearing things like “running wild and running free” (can you tell what my favorite song is right now?) Life is too short and too incredible to not fully experience & love it. Yet, sometimes when I think of the truly free soul, my next thought is “I’m not like that.”

Why do I say that? Because it’s a journey to feel truly free, a journey that has made such an impact on my life. Getting to the point of being truly free requires overcoming a HUGE amount of fear. It might be obvious, but sometimes I think people don’t realize that they’re afraid. It can be the type of fear so deep in your soul that you convince yourself you don’t want it. That it’s too much work… that you’d sacrifice too much. That you want a life of peace and quiet that feels comfortable.

But here’s the thing… That doesn’t feed your soul. It doesn’t nourish your potential. It doesn’t push you to achieve your dreams.

My whole life I’ve done what’s needed to make me “successful.” I was a great student, got into top colleges, graduated in three years instead of four, had an internship at a top PR agency secured before I even walked in graduation. I moved up in the professional world quickly, always keeping in mind my long terms goals. I figured out what I’m good out and pursued that persistently, with success always being an unwavering goal. Yet so soon into my career I was left saying, “what’s next,” finding myself too impatient and too dissatisfied to sit still.

It has been such a hard journey to start figuring out who I am, and to start listening to my heart instead of to my brain. It’s still such an ongoing balance. It has taken almost 6 months to even get familiar with my soul again. And now, I’m pouring it into this blog!Choose Joy

So why am I doing this, and who am I? I’m on a journey of health and happiness. I’m on a mission to prove life can be beautiful, satisfying, passionate and inspiring even when there are difficulties. I’m here to share stories, thoughts, inspirations and tips that hopefully will help & motivate at least a few people. I also love to meet and talk to like-minded people, so please follow me, send an email, or comment on these posts.

One thought I’ll leave you with. The only true form of success is true happiness. Don’t be afraid to start.