Why Running is my Happy Place

You’ve already seen posts from me about how much I love yoga & meditation. Today there is a another practice that I find essential to mental and physical health, hapRunning Magicpiness and honestly, general emotional stability.


For some people that word evokes thoughts of adventures, challenges and a good workout. However, for others it can sound like a miserable trek.

I come from a family of runners, so running has pretty consistently been part of my life. However, after a pretty serious knee injury, I lost touch with my inner runner for several years. Really, like 6 years…

But over the last year, after putting nutrition and my health front and center, my love for running started to come back. So here is why I think you should give running a try.

No matter how stressed, anxious, tired or overwhelmed you are, running helps you push through. For me, it’s the one thing that can always clear my head, and it’s a great way to work through anxiety and nerves that come from our ever-changing lives.

Running is symbolic of life. You have to push yourself to overcome the obstacles. Through the process you find your inner strength. and realize you are capable of so much more than you thought.

So, if running is like life, then why not infuse as much happiness into it as possible?

That’s why I chose the CColor Run Startolor Run for my first ever official, organized run. I seriously haven’t run in a group since track in high school.

What I love about the Color Run is the energy. It isn’t competitive, and no one cares if you walk, run, hop, skip or sprint through the race. I found myself getting competitive during parts of the course, and it was so important that I reset my mindset to just enjoy the experience and focus on my personal goals versus beating the fast, and obviously highly trained runner in front of me. Plus, there is definitely something uplifting about running throColor Run Shirtugh giant plumes of color.


Pictures are in this post and on Instagram! I can definitely see myself getting addicted to these races, so please send any suggestions my way. Right now I’m figuring out my next 5K (or 10K??!) and I’d love to know the good ones.