Why The Key to Happiness is Letting Go

A photo by Morgan Sessions. unsplash.com/photos/YIN4xUBaqnkSometimes it seems like we’re all chasing after more, when really the key is letting go.

Letting go of expectations.

The pressure.

Ideas about how life is “supposed” to be.

The worry.

The stress.

The striving, and aiming for perfection.

And the constant attempts to control things.

Happiness isn’t about getting more. It’s about having less of the things that pull us in a direction that doesn’t feel good.

It’s about letting go of limiting beliefs and finding a flow of authenticity, excitement and bliss. Because once you dip your toe in that stream, you’ll realize going with the flow isn’t so bad.

Too many people say that they don’t know what they want. That they don’t have a passion, or know their perfect path.

So, maybe that isn’t the key. Try focusing on inner peace, and letting go of expectations about how your life should look.

What moments give you peace? Satisfaction? A full heart? Add more of those.

Because if you’re anything like I was, you’ve packed in way too many things you don’t want.

It might be a bunch of small things, but they add up. For a long time, I allowed stress, anxiety and worry to rule more of my life than I was even willing to admit. Every success was coated with a layer of feeling like I had to, not necessarily that I wanted to. Not to mention, I spent a huge chunk of my life basing my entire identity around being successful. So you can probably imagine the walls I had put up to protect myself, and to stop myself from jumping into something new and potentially risky.

So I get it. The next step might not be clear. You might not know where you want to go, not to mention how to get there. And let’s be honest, it gets exhausting and extremely stressful.

So right now, what if your purpose is finding more peace? To peel off all the layers that don’t feel right, and get rid of the things that make your life feel anything but happy, peaceful and excited.

That was my goal over the past two years, and it led me to so many amazing moments I would never have expected. I finally started listening to my soul about what I enjoy, I filled my days with things that feel good to me, and I even launched my own business. All of it was possible because I said yes to letting go, stayed open to change, and decided to be okay not having it all figured out.

So, what can you let go of?

Petite Power: Letting go can be the key to happiness