Yoga, Relaxation & YOU

I’ve only been truly into yoga over the past year, but I have to say it has my wholehearted endorsement!

Today I wasn’t feeling 100% focused, content, happy, however you want to put it. I woke up feeling anxious and couldn’t sleep. Work was exhausting. I almost didn’t go to class, and once I was there I felt like I couldn’t get in the flow. Yet, by the time it was done, I felt the most relaxed & refreshed I have in a long time.

AND I was finally able to meditate and get my mind to stop running in circles for a bit.

The whole experience just made me feel good. Truly relaxed, content, healthy, happy… with my mind, body & soul.

Beyond my happy blabbering, I do have a couple lessons I took from today.

Yoga ChurchFirst- find what gets you in your flow! I’d heard this a million times, but only recently did I start appreciating what it means. For me, it’s yoga with a good friend that I can laugh with. Or a long walk in the park. Or laying in the sun and listening to some good music. What gets you in your happy place?

My second lesson comes from what our yoga said in class today. It really spoke to me, and stuck with me. Here’s the story he told:

There was a kid walking down the beach throwing starfish back in the water one by one. A man came by and asked why the boy was doing this. The man said, “do you really think it’s going to matter if you throw a few starfish back in?”

The boy picked up another starfish, threw it back in, and said, “It mattered to that one.”

Never forget the impact you can have on others. If I can make one person smile, make one person feel good about themselves, give one person a bit of inspiration, then I’m well on my way to achieving my goals.

I’d love to hear from you what you do to get in your flow, or some of the small things you do to put a smile on someone’s face.