You Have Choices: How to Find Alignment in the Chaos

With Pride weekend just ending in San Francisco, I spent a lot of time thinking about equality and human rights issues.

It got me thinking about what I feel most passionate about. That everyone deserves to be happy. That everyone should be allowed to be authentic, true to themselves, without worrying they’ll be punished.

For those of us lucky enough to live in a society where we can express our opinions and truly be ourselves, we are need to understand what a gift that is… and use it. We need to act on our dreams, create new things, see new places. Live our life being as authentic and happy as possible, because we’re able to.

So many of us have so many choices. More choices than we acknowledge on a daily basis.

Sometimes when we’re subconsciously prioritizing money or material things it will feel like we’re stuck and can’t get where we want to go… yet really there are so many choices.


It’s an option to drive Uber or Lyft in order to have a more flexible work schedule. It’s an option to take classes online to develop a new skill. It’s an option to travel abroad and work in a different country.

Some choices require more work, more dedication and more discomfort than others, but it’s still a choice.

It’s a choice to pick comfort versus a challenge or a new direction.

Obviously some circumstances truly limit your choices, but so frequently it’s our mind making the limitations versus the actual situation.


So, what happens when you face the almost overwhelming number of choices you have?

That’s where I’ve recently realized the importance of our values. Listing them, understanding them, and prioritizing them. What do you truly value, right now? Travel? Time with family? Helping others? If you say money, I’d challenge you to go a level deeper and ask what you want the money for. To travel? To provide financial security while you change careers? Understanding your values does more than help reveal the choices you’re making, and why.

For me, this exercise also showed me some misalignment in my values and my actions. I value travel and helping others, yet a few years ago my energy and money was going other places. My actions and values weren’t aligned, which left me feeling discontent and unsure why I wasn’t continually, deeply happy.

It doesn’t take much to start seeing a difference. I volunteered my time and skills and prioritized a travel schedule, and started finding some of the meaning I was missing. It’s also extremely helpful when I’m feeling down, or not enjoying life as much. I’ve started to see that feeling sad, anxious or empty for no apparent reason often means my actions aren’t in alignment with my values.

People always say they’ll make a change in the future, but there’s no reason you can’t prioritize your values now. Make a list of your top 3 values, and what you’re doing to prioritize them right now. As soon as those align, I bet you’ll see some major shifts in your life.



Today’s Petite Power: The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day -@secrets2success